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We offer state of the art equipment to Medical Practitioners and Aestheticians for the delivery of skin and scalp rejuvenation systems that deliver “Never seen before results”.


Innovative Results Driven Solutions For Your Business

American Spa Lasers (ASL) offers state of the art equipment to Medical Practitioners and Aestheticians for the delivery of skin and scalp rejuvenation systems that deliver “Never seen before results”.

All our equipment and cosmetics are developed, formulated, manufactured and packed to the highest quality and specifications. We provide high technology products for professionals and offer innovative and effective cosmetic formulas to improve the appearance skin and complexion. Our products are formulated with the best quality ingredients.
American Spa Lasers offers FDA registered LED devices as well as FDA registered low level laser hair-growth stimulating caps and helmets.

American Spa Lasers also offers unique cosmetic formulated for skin and scalp rejuvenation serums. PepFactor skin and scalp rejuvenation serum is a Facial and Scalp cosmetics brand name of consisting of high quality ingredients, distributed to doctors, dermatologists, beauticians and beauty salons globally.


Higher Quality Treatments

It’s hard to keep up in the fast-moving world of beauty therapy. Almost every year there are new treatments, new products and new advancements in technology. As a leading provider of Diode lasers, Ipl and PDT LED machines, we always stay up to date with the latest developments so you can stay ahead of your competition.

When you invest in an Laser or IPL machine from American Spa Lasers, it allows you to offer more services to your clients. You also get the most efficient devices on the market which gives higher quality treatments with better results. This means repeat business and increased word-of-mouth marketing for your clinic!

We are committed to PROVIDE you the best products!

Beauty Equipment For Your Beauty Spa/Clinic

Add Niche Beauty Treatments To Your Service Offering & Create Extra Revenue Streams For Your Clinic or Spa. If you don’t have the correct machines, you give your clients a reason to try your competitors. American Spa Laser machines can complete niche skin treatments for skin and scalp rejuvenation, hair regrowth, laser hair reduction and acne treatments.

This expands the services you can offer your clients and opens up more streams of income for your clinic. If you already have a steady stream of repeat clients, you can immediately offer them a variety of new and profitable treatments and get a positive ROI.

Higher Quality Treatments

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We provide Medical Professional and Spa Owners globally with opportunity to provide the most advanced cosmetic products to their clients and the ability to offer “never seen before” results. Our Doctors and researchers are leaders in the field of molecular science and cosmetic formulations.

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