DuoLuxe Ice III

DuoLuxe Ice is an intelligent 3 in 1 laser hair reduction platform.

A fast, comfortable, and effective treatment is guaranteed.

Painless Hair Reduction

Widely considered the fastest laser hair removal device on the market. After using the device on larger body parts, such as the back and legs.

Who’s A Candidate?

While not as restrictive as most other laser hair removal systems, the DIOLUX generally works best on patients who have light skin and dark hair. Although they might take more time, treatments are available for people with all hair and skin types. Even patients with light blonde hair may benefit from treatment.

How Many Treatments?

On occasion, a patient will report slowed or reduced hair growth after a single treatment, but these results are not permanent.

In time, hair may return although it’s usually much finer and lighter in color than before. Maintenance treatments may be required.

How Does It Work?

Uses high-power diode technology that can deliver high fluence. This is combined with user-select pulse duration, effective contact cooling with compressor for high-performance.

The DuoLuxe Ice III supply two treatment functions for professional operators and beauticians, which is an accessible laser for hair removal. Static and in-motion modes optional, it is easier for an operator switching a high-fluence single-pass to a low-fluence, multiple-pass treatment.

Recently, the low fluence multiple passes method in patients with darker skin has been demonstrated for the safe and effect.

Painless Hair Removal

808 nm
755 nm
1064 nm  

High Frequency
120 J/cm2

Targets Big Spots
12 mm x 20 mm
2.4 cm2

2 modes:

Real Time Auto Diagnosis
24 items

European Certification CE mark Medical device

Large screen
12.1 inches touch screen

Made in USA

Handpiece display
Allows monitoring of
Parameters and Progress


DuoLuxe Ice III

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