Simple Operation, Easy Treatment

Intelligent detection of treatment progress

Automatically adjustment, supplying the best and comfortable experience for customers

Deep and shallow layers are heated at the same time, which is more conducive to the diffusion of heat to the subcutaneous fat layer.

Intelligent vacuum control system

Real-time control system based on PID algorithm / excellent dynamic adjustment function can quickly reach the expected setting,and the customera experience is perfect. The effect is better than the hand massage form


Intelligent Temperature Monitoring System

Automatically recognises the treatment endpoint, monitors temperature changes in real time,
and effectively protects the skin


During treatment could adjust the parameters depending on customers’ situation

Double Filtration System

Double filtration system of applicator and pipeline to prevent air passage blockage

Human-Machine Interaction

Use Android smart operating system

Multiple intelligence control methods

CAN Bus Technology

Automatically recognises the treatment endpoint, monitors temperature changes in real time,
and effectively protects the skin

Benefits of WeShape

So you must be wondering why you need this technology for your business? This treatment has many benefits that will make your business advanced and give you the best business growth that you have ever seen.

Our professional Body contouring device provides weight loss, which helps your clients boost confidence and improve mental health. Let us have a look at some of the critical benefits of this incredible device:

  • It is a fat reduction process that helps you reduce fat and gives you a beautiful body.
  • In addition, itand reduces the circumference of the skin and improves cellulite.
  • Esthetica Academy provides you with the best device to reduce your weight quickly and with no pain.
  • It acts like a skin firming device that helps prevent sagging and improve the sagging skin, making it tight and beautiful.
  • This device comes with no side effects and is easy to operate by providing you with incredible outcomes.
  • Also, this gives you more energy and stamina to work more effectively.
  • In addition, this skin firming, and fat reduction device is immaculate and hygienic.

Do you need the best skin firming and Fat reduction device for your beauty business to enhance the overall growth? Contact us now!


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