For Skin And Scalp Care!


  1. Ergonomic grip and luxurious design
  2. Adopted sterile disposable needle
  3. Direct supply of active ingredients via use ofneedle
  4. Adopted LED light of 660nmwavelength
  5. Automaticdisinfectionwhenconnectingthemainbodyand chargingcradle.
  6. Elaborate needle arrangement evenly touches the skinsurface
  7. Adjustable 3 step needle stamping speed (1~3steps)
  8. Reducetheusetimeby touchingawiderangeinashorttime
  9. Strongverticalmotionpowerandlonglifeduetogearmodemotor
  10. Appliedinternationalpatentforactiveingredientabsorptioninduction


  1. Model name: OKS-DOT-5000
  2. Color: White/Black/Pink/Gold/Red
  3. Weight of main part : 160g
  4. Size of main part : ø45x200mm
  5. Weight of rechargeable cradle : 155g
  6. Rechargeable cradle : ø110x65mm
  7. USB cable : 120Cm
  8. Power/ Voltage: AC100~240 /50~ 60Hz
  9. Rated output : DC5V 1200mA(Charger only)
  10. Charging time : About 4hours (Room temperature 15~35 ̊c)
  11. Continued use of time : Can be used about 20 times by a full charge
  12. KC authorisation code : PSC5000/ National Radio Research Agency
  13. Manufacturer /Country of manufacture
  14. Suppliers/ Vender/ AS Center


How to use

Connect ampouleand needle-A

Insert “A” into the cartridge - B

Attach and remove “B”(ampoule cartridge) to the main unit coupling part

MTS Precaution When Using

MTS Storage After Use And Maintenance


Skin care, need for these people!

Scalp care, need for these people!

self management

Return the age of the skin only

What is MTS, Microneedle Therapy Sysrtem ?

MTS refers to the Micro Needle Therapy System, also known as the microneedle , and has been called the second hand in herbal medicine.Many fine needles on the surface of the needle stimulate the skin and enhance the natural recovery of skin

  • The epidemal layer acts as a primary barrier to the body
  • Thickness is about 0.007mm ~ 0.12mm
  • Due to the epidermis, absorption and treatment of drugs such as ointments are limited.
  • By injecting drugs directly through the keratin and epidermis, drug treatment effect is maximised.

Skin penetrator according to the wavelength of the lightsource

Whenthe LEDlightsourceis irradiatedto theskin, the productionof collagenandelastinis promoted,andwrinkles are suppressed to keep the skin moist andelastic. 

The light of 660 nm wavelengthhas a transmissiondepth of 2.3mm and exertsan effectfromfibroblaststo reticular dermis.


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